Arts & Sciences Tournament of Champions

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Format and Rules

Each group reserves the right to have an artisan of their choosing represent them at the Tournament of Champions.
The chosen artisan may be the groups titled artisan or they may be an artisan chosen from their populace. Once the artisan agrees to represent a group, said artisan may not represent another group for Tournament of Champions.
The competition will be single item entry only. Documentation is required, no theme. This is a "bring your best piece" competition.
The judges shall be Their Majesties (one vote combined), Their Highnesses (one vote combined), and a group of three (3) anonymous judges. This number guarantees no ties and an overall winner being selected.
A generous prize basket will be provided to the winner. We kindly request each group participating sponsor and provide a prize for a "best of" in any chosen arts or sciences field.

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Arts & Science Open Invitational Competition

If you are looking for a totally thought out, completely serious, and not at all last minute competition, this may not be what you are looking for.

Arts & Science Classes

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A&S Class Schedule

Bardic Activities

Bardic Meet & Greet Potluck
Come and meet bards from across the kingdom! Bring a bardic piece to share (bring copies!) and maybe teach. Food dish is optional!
Sing Along Songs
Come sing some of your favorite sing-along songs, or learn some new ones! The focus is on everyone singing together and having fun!
Madrigal/Polyphonic Singing
Come learn to sing together in parts! This is just for fun, no expectation to perform afterwards.
Bardic Feedback
Come and bring the piece you are working on to get constructive feedback on your performance from a panel of experienced bards. No competition pressure! Just friendly commentary to help you raise your game!
Bardic Circle & Throwdown
Details to Follow!
Bardic After Dark
Join Alden and perform those pieces you've been saving for when the kids go to bed! For mature audiences, or immature audiences 18 and older!

Brewing Competition

The Barony of Namron will be hosting a brewing competition. We encourage all brewers to bring your best and vie for the bragging rights of Best in the Kingdom. Brewers may provide more than one entry.

There will be 4 categories: beer, wine, mead, and cordials. Documentation is not required, but an ingredient list is needed for allergy concerns. For each entry, brewers will need to provide at least three 12 ounce bottles for beer, wine, or mead. Cordials will need two bottles of appropriate size to supply one for judging and one for the winner. The contest will be blind popular choice with judges to be selected at Her Excellency Namron’s discretion.

History Displays

The 40th anniversary history display will showcase the rich history of each group and the kingdom! We are asking each group to produce a minimum of the following:

We are asking groups to consolidate to a 2 x 2 space. We are also setting up sections for each of the grant orders as well as peerage!

Please send any questions to or reach out to me on Facebook Brett Chandler-Finch.


[Painting of Joan of Arc]

In addition to the displays of Ansteorran History over the span of our 40 years, there will be an auction!

An original oil painting by Mistress Branwyn, titled "Joan of Arc." Painted in 1970, this lovely piece was gifted by Mistress Branwyn to Countess Cyf, who has loved it for 35 years. She has donated it to the Ansteorran Historian's Office, to be auctioned off as a fundraising item.

Bidding will begin on Friday Morning and will close on Saturday evening just prior to Court. The winner is responsible for transportation of the painting.

Additional details to follow.

Tour of Tents

Have you ever wondered what the inside of someones tent looked like? Or what the difference in a Marquee and Trader tent are? How about just wondering how to make your camp look more Period? Or how about camping on a budget? We've got the answers!

Come join us at Anstoerra's 40th Year Celebration for a tour of tents. This is your opportunity to have your questions answered.

Join us Saturday Afternoon at 2:30. We will meet at the North end of the hall porch. Walking will be a part of this tour so plan accordingly.

Come join in the fun! Contact Baroness Sarah Fynn for more information.

Youth Activities

Magical Mythical Ball!
Titania, Queen of the Faeries, cordially invites all children between the ages 5 and 14 to attend her at a Magical Mythical Ball on Friday eve from 7-9pm. Please dress as marvelous Mythical beings and be ready to have lots of fun dancing and cavorting with Queen Titania!
Mask making
Come learn about masks and make one of your own to wear at the Magical Mythical Ball!
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Children will learn about Cartography, Shipbuilding, and Orienteering. There will even be a boat race and a treasure hunt!
The Art of Hunting and Gathering
Children will learn the basics of thrown weapons, tracking and hunting techniques, and will make a pouch to keep gathered goodies in.
Astronomy of the Middle Ages
Come learn about the night sky of the Middle Ages. We will be learning how to identify constellations with out the aid of telescopes just as they did in Medieval Period.
Roma and Travelers
Learn about the Roma and Traveler peoples of Europe during the Middle Ages. Children will be making simple garb pieces.
And much more in the works!

Youth Class List