Combat Activities

Marshal in Charge

Duke Jean-Paul de Sens

Armored / Chivalric Combat

40th year Ruby Challenge
Will you accept the 40th year Ruby Challenge? This is a round robin tournament, open to the first 41 people who sign up. This means everyone has 40 fights. Each fight will be to one point and will last three minutes before the next fight starts. This will be a grueling challenge and everyone who enters and finished will receive a commemorative token. The winner of the tournament will be the fighter with the most points. Start conditioning now!
William Marshal Tournament
This high persona tournament will be fought in the 12th Century style of melee honoring William Marshal. All participating combatants must conform to the weapon and Armour Standards of the tournament outlined below. The tournament will consist of three rounds of melee 15 minutes each with 5 minute break between to hydrate or settle ransoms. Teams will be chosen at the beginning of the tournament. We will attempt to make the sides even and fair as well as attempt to keep whole units together. Changing sides is permitted.
  • No visible plastic, including and not limited to baskets hilts.
  • No visible sneakers or modern Footwear.
  • Armour should be from 1000-1250. Surcoats are highly recommended.
  • Middle Eastern and European armor only. No Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Closed face helmet may ignore face thrusts.
  • No flamboyant duct tape is allowed (ie. Hello Kitty duct tape).
  • Polearms are six feet and under. Must have a head or a proper profile (Subject to approval). ie. no unpadded polearms.
  • Shields must be painted, heraldry is recommended.
  • Spears, daggers, axes, maces and great swords are welcome. No Madous.
Once a combatant is bested they take a knee and count to 30 (this does not have to be out loud). During this time an opponent may escort the combatant to the resurrection point for Ransom. If not escorted by the time runs out, they are allowed to return to their own resurrection point. There will be two people on either side to record the ransoms. The suggested ransom is between $5 - $20 in value and should be fitting of one’s station. The terms must be agreed upon by both parties.
Eleanor Aquitaine Clause: a member of the gallery can provide Ransom and is encouraged to do so. Especially if you deem the combatant worthy.
Newcomer’s tournament
This year's newcomer’s tournament is going to be big. With the support this year's tournament is getting from the Centurions and Knights this is shaping up to be a really well attended. We are getting donations from many people that want to support our newcomers, so our prize pool is going to be tremendous.
For the fighters we want to make sure they are getting as much fighting in as we can. So we have decided to break the combatants into pools. Each combatant will fight every other person in their pool. After a few pools of various weapon styles, the highest scoring combatants will be placed into a bracketed tournament to choose the victor. Get ready, embrace versatility, and prepare for lots of fun!!
Viking Raid
This event is Based on the Raids of the Norse King Harald Hardrada against the Danish King Sweyn II in the years around 1050. All gear and behavior for this Deed should be chronologically appropriate for the Scandinavians of the Viking Raid era, being portrayed from roughly the 9th to 11th Centuries. Fighters are not required to have a Viking appearance, but are strongly encouraged to do so.
All warriors should bring a minimum of one piece of period appropriate loot to contribute towards the “treasure hoard.” Sides will be determined and each will present their loot to the MIC which will be distributed after the battle. The commanders will disperse the loot won to their warriors as they see fit. Bringing extra loot to be given directly to worthy opponents and assisting marshals, chirugeons, water-bears, etc.. is highly encouraged. Your loot is required for entry into the raid.
The raid will use standard SCA blown acknowledgment, with the following additions:
  • All combatants are considered engaged at all times.
  • Bodily contact and “body checks” are legal but should be of a controlled nature.
  • Opponents knocked to the ground may be “pinned” with a spear by applying firm pressure with the thrusting tip, warriors struck in such a way are dead regardless of armor worn.
  • Becoming unarmed does not render you helpless and no hold will be called. If you do not have a secondary, you may recover a weapon from the field, yield or run.
  • Strikes to the leg will render the fighter incapacitated.
  • Thrusts to the leg will allow the fighter to fight from a kneeling position.
  • Shields may be used passively if slung across the back in a period manner.
Armoured Areas:
  • Warriors may accept 2 strikes in rapid succession to the top of the helm before death.
  • The top of the helm is considered proof against thrust.
  • Warriors may accept 2 strikes in rapid succession to areas covered by chain maille or lamellar before death.
  • Chain maille or lamellar is considered proof against thrust from single-handed weapons.
  • Chain maille or lamellar is considered proof against thrust from two-handed axes.
  • Chain maille or lamellar is NOT considered proof against thrust from spears.
Dane Axes (two-handed axes):
  • Dane axes only require one strike to kill through helms.
  • Dane axes only require one strike to kill through chain maille or lamellar.
  • Three quickly repeated blows with a Dane ax to a shield destroy the shield, and the opponent must drop the shield. This applies to passively slung shields as well.
Known World Open: Bring Your Own Blam
Bring Your Own Blam to the Knowne World Open. This tourney is open to all chivalric fighters regardless of rank. Sitting Royals are most welcome. Here is the place to win some renown!
The format will be bearpit then double elimination. All fighting will be bring your best weapon style. The fighters will be divided into groups of roughly equal numbers and skill levels. A point will be given for each victory a fighter has earned. The first 16 to earn 25 points will finish the tourney in standard double elimination. Fighters may hold the field indefinitely, however all wounds are retained as long as that fighter holds the field.
Crest Tournament
Bring a creative crest for your helmet for this tournament. The crest must be constructed from foam, paper mache or some other material that can be easily removed/destroyed by a solid shot from a One-Hand Heavy Weapon. It must be attached to the top of your fighting helm using a method that will allow easy removal such as Duct Tape, Strapping Tape, Velcro, etc. No metal rods or anything that will prevent a solid shot from removing the crest are allowed. Crest height is to be a minimum of 7 inches. Combat will consist of a single one-hand weapon per fighter, no shield or off-hand weapon, held in a grand melee. The last crest standing will be named the winner and a winner will also be named for “best” crest.


More information coming soon!

Rapier / Cut-and-Thrust Combat

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Siege Activities

Siege Open Shoot
Come see what Siege is all about. (Thursday)
Siege Q&A
Get to know about Siege weaponry in the SCA in this Question and Answer Session. (Thursday)
Siege Timed Shoot
There will be a prize for the winning team. Teams do not need to be siege authorized or wear armor. Kids can participate too! (Thursday)
Siege Authorization Class
come and get authorized for Siege weapons! (Friday)
Siege Rock Catch
Participants must be in armor and catch the rocks before they hit the ground. There will be a prize for the winner. (Friday)
Siege Themed Shoot
A large themed shoot with near and far targets, and multiple rounds. There will be a prize for the winning team. Teams do not need to be siege authorized or wear armor. Kids can participate too! (Saturday)

Thrown Weapons / Archery

More information coming soon!

Youth Combat

Baroness' Youth Rapier Tournament
All youth rapier fighters are invited to display their skill at the sword. Each combatant must be sponsored by a Baroness (Court or Landed) and shall compete for the honor and favor of their Baroness. A Baroness may sponsor more than one youth combatant. The winner of the tournament will be selected by popular consensus amongst all the Baronesses present.
Youth Rapier Tavern Brawl
You and your closest friends have spent the day feasting and imbibing to your hearts (and stomachs) content. Alas, no one has given thought to the check. As the wench asks "who will pay for this meal" swords are drawn and you must exit the tavern with the goose or risk paying the check...or worse!
Youth Rapier Musical Chairs
15 fighters....14 chairs! When the music stops the one left without a chair must go. As long as the music plays you must fight for your right to...sit!
Noble's Youth Armored Combat Tournament
The Nobles (Both landed and Court) of our great Kingdom (and any visiting Nobles from other Kingdoms) are invited to show their support and encouragement for the future of our society by sponsoring a Youth Armored Combatant in a tournament to display their Honor and Skill! This will be a high ceremony tournament that will give them a special place to shine and an opportunity to champion a Noble who is important to them. We need as much pomp and circumstance as we can muster! Bring your banners for the procession and your cheering section! Conspire with the parents to have your champion wearing your colors or otherwise matching attire! Sweet talk a Herald into helping you write a boastful procession introduction for them!
Due to the fact that there are far more Nobles than there are Youth, we request that Nobles pick only one child each to sponsor. Please contact HL Muireen Cheithernag, the Kingdom Youth Armored Combat Marshal, if you need help with matchmaking!