Saturday High Feast

Ansteorran Surf and Turf

Feastocrats Baroness Sabine Lefevre and Sir Asoph Hearts

Feast Price: $20.00
Feast Notes: Pay in advance only with a limited quantity based on available seating.

First Remove

Breads and Herb Butter, Honey Butter, Garlic Butter

Second RemoveM

Wild greens with Parmigiano and toasted walnuts

Choice of Red Wine Vinaigrette or Garlic & Herb Vinaigrette

Third Remove

Grilled Strip Steak with Balsamic Glazed Green Beans

Horseradish cream sauce served on the side

Fourth Remove

Butter Poached Lobster Tail with wild rice pilaf

Drawn butter served on the side


Bread Pudding with choice of Grand Marnier or Spiced Rum Sauce

Tea and Mint Tea will be served.


More information coming soon!