Site Information

Will Rogers Boy Scout Reservation
362369 OK-99
Cleveland, OK 74020
Site Opens Thursday at 8am
Site Closes Sunday at 1pm

Adult Registration (18+) - $30
Adult Member Discount Registration - $25
Child (6-17) - $10
Youth (5 and under) - FREE
Family Max - $70

Site Map

Here is the (nearly) finalized layout for Ansteorra's 40th Anniversary! It does not yet include everyone's 'specific' camping locations for group camps (as we are still collecting that information from some groups), but eventually will have your general locations. There may be some small pavilion location tweaks, but most of this is complete.

Also please be aware that some areas right now are 'approximate.' Please do not think that everything is an exact measurement, though most items are close.

We understand that this version is not the most user friendly. It's what we are working with to organize the site. If you click on an area it will tell you what that is (they don't have a mouse-over option). Once it is finalized there will be a detailed, clearly labelled artistic rendering in your Event Books!

The Map

Pre-Register and Pre-Pay with PayPal

PayPal is now LIVE for Ansteorra’s 40th Year Celebration. The link below is also available through the Kingdom Calendar page. Pre-registration will close at the end of Thursday, September 12, 2019.

To facilitate a smooth registration process of those attending the event, we have noted a few facts:

  1. All persons regardless of age attending the event REQUIRE an individual pre-registration.
  2. Feast reservations are per registration and are for ONE seat only.
  3. For all persons wishing to be invoiced together, the email address must be the same on all registrations. Please submit all registrations for a single invoice within 24 hours.
  4. For Family Max, use the family name for all attendees which meet the requirements and/or the same email address.
  5. Invoices are typically emailed within 48 hours of completing registration and should be paid within 72 hours to secure your pre-registration.
  6. Refunds from Paypal registrations, if granted, will be processed minus the associated Paypal fees.

Register Now

Land Reservation

Land reservations are closed! Check in at Gate for your reservation information, or contact the Land Steward.

Land and Site Policies

Nearby Hotels
Budget ZZZZ Motel, 1209 W Caddo St, Cleveland, OK 74020. (918) 358-3591.
Victorian Inn, 50168 Highway Dr, Cleveland, OK 74020. (918) 358-3531.
There are no sewer/full RV hookups on site. There are two RV Parks within 15-20 minutes of site (Edgewater RV Park and Feyodi Creek RV Park). You are welcome to park your RV in the designated general parking area and camp in your RV. If you have a medical need for power, please contact the Land Steward for information.
Your car must be parked in a designated parking field as soon as you have finished unloading. You will be given a designated lot when you sign in at Gate. Please heed No Parking and limited Parking signs. The front Gravel lot is reserved for Handicapped Parking.
Please police your camps and keep them clean. Take full bags to the dumpsters. There are two dumpsters: one by the East lot, and one out near West end camping.
The use of above ground fire pits, kitchen stoves, and torches will be subject to fire restrictions or burn bans at the time of the event. In September in Oklahoma this could go either way. Prepare with the assumption of possible burn ban. No digging of fire pits. If no burn ban is in effect, existing in-ground Scout fire pits may be used. No private fireworks.
Children under 12 must remain within sight and sound of a guardian at all times. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian OR with BOTH a Signed & Notarized - Minors Event Waiver Form and Medical Authorization for Minors Form.
All well-behaved domestic pets are welcome! Pets must be leashed at all times. NO pets allowed at Gate.
There is no smoking or vaping in any of the public buildings, event tents, children's activities, or list fields, or near the entrances to these areas. Please move to an area that is away from events, and be conscientious of the direction smoke or vapor is drifting. Please police your butts. Our site is a Scout camp and trusts us not to leave items we don’t want boys to find.
Site is Discretely Wet. Use period containers please. You must be 21 to consume alcohol.